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Our Family

Family Owned Authentic Italian Restaurant in Portland, Oregon

DeNicola's Authentic Italian Restaurant has been a Portland institution for decades. In a time when everyone is trying to reinvent the classics to try and find a unique niche, DeNicola's Authentic Italian is just that... Authentic Italian. The old school Italian food you grew up with. 

These days DeNicola's Authentic Italian is run by Donata and her two sons, Patrick and Johnny, along with her brother Nick. Keeping it in the family, they all work together in maintaining the business and the original recipes brought to America by her parent's Giovanni and Rosina DeNicola.

If you are looking for the classics like Ravioli, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna, Veal Parmagiana, Chicken Piccata, and well, you know THE CLASSICS... DeNicola's is the place to be.

The offerings are simple, classic Italian fare with great flavor that have been heralded by many long time customers. Time and time again DeNicola's is compared to the home-style Italian neighborhood restaurants on the east coast. "The food is simply the best."