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Calzone vs Pizza: The Ultimate Italian Food Battle

Published December 7th, 2021 by Devteam

Imagine a battle where both sides are winners. That's right, whichever side you come down on, pizza or calzone, you've made a great choice.

What exactly is a calzone? Why would I ever order it over pizza? And what key differences should you be aware of?

The gloves are off - let's get down to the battle of calzone vs pizza.

What Is a Calzone?

Calzone in Italian roughly translates as 'pant leg'. Not helping you much? Well, neither will the common mistranslation, 'folded pizza'.

A calzone - also known as panzerotti - is really a pizza turnover. After making the pizza base, the chef only puts fillings on half of the pizza. The remaining half of the dough is then pulled over the fillings to form a pocket before baking. 

The result is a half-moon-shaped pizza dome. Inside is a piping hot amalgam of all of the fillings - pizza sauce, meats, cheese, and herbs.

It's often served smothered in tomato sauce or with a dipping sauce on the side. It truly is the best of Italian food.

The Difference Between Calzone and Pizza

The dough is the same, the fillings/toppings are the same. So what is the difference between a calzone and a pizza?

Apart from the obvious shape difference, the main difference is how you eat them. 

Pizza naturally cuts into easy slices. It's the ultimate portable food, and it's great for sharing. Calzone - not so much.

A calzone is more of a personal experience or a romantic meal for two. You'll need a knife and fork (some would say you need them for pizza too).

You'll experience a range of textures - a melting middle, and chewy crimped edges.

For many people, this is the allure of calzone. But if you're out for dinner with the kids, pizza is probably an easier option.

Pros and Cons of Pizza and Calzone

With pizza, it's easy to find pros and tough to find cons. The same is true of calzone.

The pros of pizza are clear - the satisfying chew of perfectly cooked dough, the tang of tomato sauce, the indulgence of melted cheese. All with a huge range of choices in toppings

Calzone shares all of these great pros. It's also easier to transport because everything is neatly contained inside the pizza dough shell.

The cons? Well, they're definitely a treat rather than an everyday food. And for some people, having to use a knife and fork is a turn-off with calzone.

Calzone vs Pizza - The Final Word

Both pizza and calzone have their die-hard fans. Also, don't be fooled into thinking calzone is an American invention.

It's just as Italian as pizza. They even sell a popular fried version in southern Italy.

Everyone should try calzone at least once before making a decision. You may just find that you become a convert to these souped-up pizza pockets!

The Verdict: Pizza or Calzone?

The battle of pizza vs calzone really comes down to personal preference. 

If you've got time, and don't need to share with a crowd, grab yourself a calzone. It's something everyone should try at least once. You'll probably find that once isn't nearly enough.

Head down to De Nicola's Authentic Italian to sample pizza and panzerotti (our version of calzone) done right. We have a range of family favorites, or you can create your own pizza.

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