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How to Choose the Best Wine for Your Italian Dish

Published February 23rd, 2021 by Devteam

Wine and Italian dishes go hand-in-hand. The sweet flavors of red wine are perfect for everything from a simple pasta dish, down to the best tasting lasagna that you've ever had.

But red wine is broad. Plus, there are white wines available as well. So how do you know which wine pairing to get for your dish?

Here is our quick guide to wine pairing with Italian dishes.

Creamy Dishes

Think along the lines of Fettucini Alfredo when it comes to creamy dishes.

For these, a good Chardonnay or other white wines will pair the best. These wines are often paired in contrast to the dish, bringing out fruity flavors where you would find the creamier herb-based flavors.

If you're having mushrooms with your pasta dish, pairing with a merlot is never a bad choice.

Red or Tomato-Based Dishes

Red and tomato-based dishes go best when paired with red wines. While that may seem like an overload, wines like Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Barbera d'Asti are perfect for adding in those light fruits.

These wines are often dry and help offset the lighter, acidic taste that comes with tomato-based dishes. You'll find the scent overpowering the tomato. It'll feel pleasant to feel the wine overtaking the taste buds after each bite.

Light or Pesto Dishes

With light dishes that feature pesto as the sauce, stick with a light wine, usually a Chardonnay.

With this pasta and wine pairing, you want the dish to be featured more effectively, as these dishes are not overloaded with sauce. This way, you can taste the herbs and spices put into the dish and taste the Chardonnay afterward.

Instead of washing the dish down, it brings the flavor to light, often adding to the creamy and light texture that comes with pesto dishes.

Cheese-Heavy Dishes

The best lasagna wine pairing is going to be the Primitivo di Manduria. This wine features ripe and juicy flavors from strawberries and cherries. The wine typically mixes with the juices from the cheese and meat to create a wonderful partnership.

If you're feeling ravioli, go the opposite route and pick up a Pinot Grigio. This light wine with a pear taste complements the combination of different cheeses within.

Seafood Dishes

If you like seafood in your dish, pick up a Reisling for the best results. The crisp nature often complements the salty meat that comes from the sea.

If you're going with lobster though, a Chardonnay is still a great choice. The sauce paired with the seafood is often creamy, giving you a double infusion of beautiful textures, with a bite from the meat itself.

Wine Pairing Isn't Limited to Our Recommendations

At the end of the day, the sky's the limit when it comes to wine pairing. Feel free to experiment to find what wine works the best with your palate. While one person may enjoy Chardonnay with their Shrimp Scampi, you might enjoy a Reisling.

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