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Panzerotti or Calzone? What's the Difference?

Published March 30th, 2020 by Devteam

Do you pride yourself on being a foodie? If so, then you better know the difference between Panzerotti and Calzone before ordering at a legit Italian restaurant.

They may look similar, but the delicate differences between Panzerotti and Calzone make each their own unique Italian experience. For the pizza-loving foodies out there, here's an easy-to-follow breakdown of the differences between the two.


Panzerotti are small tarts. Usually around 9 inches in diameter, Panzerotti are like sandwich-sized bits of deliciousness. They are actually the inspiration for the well-known spin-off Hot Pockets.

One of the key differences that set Panzerotti apart is that they are deep-fried. For perfect golden-brown crispness, they are usually fried around 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Panzerotti are filled with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and any choice of "topping" you choose. Keep in mind, that when ordering Panzerotti or attempting to make your own, the frying process creates a bubble of steam inside the tart.

This steam should be released after the frying has taken place. Puncturing holes in your Panzerotti before deep frying will ruin the effect and leave you with a less than ideal tart.

Panzerotti are popular alternatives to regular pizza and to their cousin, the Calzone. Because of their hand-held size and ability to contain all the tasty goodness inside themselves, Panzerotti are ideal for meals on the move.


Ah, the Calzone. It's what's known as a pizza turnover. Sounds delicious, right? Well, that's because it is. The Calzone is larger than the original Panzerotti. It's usually about the size of a medium-sized pizza.

Calzones originated in Naples, Italy and were originally made as a street-vendor food. Like the Panzerotti, Calzones were originally intended to work as an all-in-one meal. They could be easily taken on-the-go.

However, today most Calzone varieties are much larger. Unlike a Panzerotti, they come with marinara sauce on the side used for dipping.

Instead of being deep-fried like a Panzerotti, Calzones are either baked or fried. Often, their crust is thicker.

The unique structure of Calzones leaves them with a thicker crust that requires holes or slits to be cut in the top before baking. They are baked at temperatures ranging from 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which is Better?

Choosing between a Calzone and Panzerotti is like trying to choose a favorite star in the sky. When it comes down to it, both contain the same delicious ingredients only with a slightly different flair.

When choosing which food to best suit your tastes (literally), consider the size. If you're looking for something to eat quickly, on the move, and only need to feed yourself, choose the Panzerotti.

If, however, you're looking to feed a larger crowd or simply share a meal for two, a Calzone is a better option.

Hungry Yet?

If all this talk about the difference between Panzerotti and Calzones has got your mouth watering, it's time to give your tastebuds what they want.

Order today and choose your own delicious toppings with our Create Your Own options. Happy Eating!

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