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Delizioso! 5 Italian Desserts You Have to Try

Published December 2nd, 2019 by Devteam

Italians may be most famous for their savory pizzas and pastas, but these culinary geniuses also make some unbelievable desserts.

Whether you're in the mood for something light and refreshing or filling and decadent, Italian sweets come in a delightful range for any palate.

Do you want to create the ultimate dessert bucket list? Keep reading to learn about 5 tasty Italian desserts you have to try at least once.

1. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a great dessert to have after you indulge in some pasta. This cake is made out of lady fingers soaked in espresso and creamy mascarpone layers. If you're someone who likes to drink coffee with your dessert, tiramisu is the perfect pairing.

2. Cannoli

Cannolis are one of the most well-known Italian pastries in the whole world. Their crunchy shell is complemented by the rich, creamy filling inside. For an extra dose of decadence, lots of cannolis are topped with chocolate chips or other fun sweets.

3. Gelato

You could spend your whole life exploring different Italian cakes and pastries, but no dessert tour would be complete without gelato. What makes gelato so much better than traditional ice cream? The secret lies within the amount of milk, cream, and eggs that are used in the recipes and how both are churned.

Traditional ice cream bases are made out of lots of heavy cream and egg yolks. Gelato is made with milk, which means the fat content is much lower. As a result, the flavors in gelato are a lot more powerful. Since gelato is also churned at a much slower pace than ice cream, the final product is dense and decadent.

4. Zeppole

If you're a fan of fried dough, then you'll be obsessed with zeppole. These soft pillows of fried dough can be served with powdered sugar on top or come with a surprising filling inside. Although this is a fried dessert, zeppole are so light that you can enjoy them after any meal. You'll have a hard time stopping after just one!

5. Pizelle

Out of all the authentic Italian desserts, pizelles are perhaps the most charming. These cookies look and taste like paper-thin waffles. Since they're cooked on a special press with elegant patterns, each cookie comes out looking like a piece of art.

Pizelles can be crunchy or soft depending on the batter and how long they're cooked. These cookies can also be molded while they're hot, so some adventurous bakers like to form them into cannoli shells and fill them with a sweet cream.

You'll Fall in Love with These Italian Desserts

If you've got a sweet tooth, then you have to try these 5 Italian desserts at least once in your life. You won't believe how incredible they are.

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