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The Key Ingredients to an Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce

Published October 29th, 2019 by Devteam

Have you ever been to a restaurant that brags about the amount of ingredients that are used in each dish?

When it comes to Italian food, less is always more. If you want to enjoy classic Italian fare, you should always search for restaurants and recipes that only use a few key ingredients.

Do you want to learn how authentic Italian tomato sauce is made? Keep reading to learn about 6 simple ingredients that boast a lot of flavor.


The best tomato sauce recipes use the finest tomatoes on the market. Since this sauce is all about letting the flavor of the tomatoes shine, you can't cut corners shopping for this ingredient. Fresh, ripe plum tomatoes are ideal, but you can also find tasty canned tomatoes imported from Italy if tomatoes aren't in season where you live.

Olive Oil

Olive oil or some other type of fat is crucial for making the perfect tomato sauce. Not only does olive oil add a layer of decadence to the sauce, but it also improves the texture. Extra-virgin olive oil complements the rest of the ingredients and lends a subtle nuttiness and bitterness that leads to a more complex flavor profile.


No Italian tomato sauce recipe would be complete without freshly chopped garlic. After the garlic is minced, sautéing it in the olive oil for a few minutes brings out some sweetness. Aside from enhancing the taste, no one can deny how garlic makes every dish smell incredible.

Fresh Greens

Fresh herbs like basil or parsley can make tomato sauce a little more sweet, peppery, and light. Good tomato sauce is all about finding the balance between decadent and refreshing. The benefit of finishing off your sauce with some herbs is that you can counteract the richness from the olive oil.

Salt and Pepper

Working with tomatoes can be challenging because they have tangy and sweet notes. Once the sauce is finished coming together, sprinkling in some salt and pepper to taste will ensure that the sauce is savory enough to go on top of pastas, pizzas, and other delicious dishes. It may not sound like much, but you'd be surprised by how a pinch of salt and pepper can take your tomato sauce to the next level.

Meat (Optional)

Once you've learned how to create the best tomato pasta sauce, you can have fun experimenting with different flavors. Lots of Italian dishes like lasagna and pasta Bolognese use tomato sauce as a base and add ground beef or Italian sausage to give it a bolder taste. Not only does meat add extra savory richness, but it can also make the meal more filling.

Nothing Beats the Taste of Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce

Although there are plenty of different ways to dress up tomato sauce, authentic Italian tomato sauce is all about using a few fresh, high-quality ingredients.

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