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What Wine Goes With Chicken Alfredo? Here Are Your Options

Published March 17th, 2020 by Devteam

Food tastes remarkably better when you have the right wine to complement it. This is especially true of Italian food. 

The harder part is figuring out if you should pick red or white wine to complement your Italian dish, which depends on what dish you are eating. 

Before you grab a bottle of wine to complement your chicken Alfredo, consider these 5 excellent wine options that will bring the most flavor to this particular Italian dish. 

Here's your ultimate guide on what wine goes with chicken Alfredo to give you the best Italian food experience.  

1. Chardonnay

Since Chardonnay has a buttery taste, it complements well with buttery chicken found in chicken Alfredo. 

This restrained taste gives the Chardonnay less of an oaky taste and more of a buttery taste. You want to look for Chardonnay that is more restrained because it will more likely complement your Italian dinner. 

You can find more restrained Chardonnay in California's Russian River Valley and Australia Margot's River region. 

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2. Pinot Grigio 

Figuring out what wine that goes with chicken Alfredo is not a simple task. There's not just one wine. 

But if you have to pick one wine, the Pinot Grigio is an excellent choice. With a lot of acidic flavors, this particular wine balances well with the savory taste of the chicken Alfredo. 

The acidic and crisp taste also pairs well with creamy dishes like the chicken Alfredo. 

3. Barbera

You don't always have to have white wine with chicken Alfredo, especially if you rather enjoy red wine. 

The Italian Barbera is a red wine that offers a high acidic flavor to balance out the full flavor of the chicken Alfredo. The Italian Barbera is also great with most creamy and cheesy dishes. 

4. Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir is another red wine that goes well with Italian dishes, especially the chicken Alfredo. 

This wine offers a light and fruity flavor that cleans your palate. In doing so, it brings out the full flavor of the chicken. 

Pinot Noir is also earthy and goes well with mushroom and spice dishes, which is commonly found in chicken Alfredo. 

Any of these wines will provide your palate with an enriching experience that goes well with chicken Alfredo. 

The Food Will Taste Better If You Know What Wine Goes With Chicken Alfredo

Picking what wine goes with chicken Alfredo will make this Italian dish taste exquisitely better. The alcohol in wine actually helps release molecules in food that make it taste a lot better. 

Choosing wine for any Italian dish can enrich your dining experience. You will also be more familiar with what wine to choose every time you eat chicken Alfredo. 

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